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By using Unity 3D and C# we are able to create your game or business application on Microsoft, Apple and Open Platforms using the same code which saves you time and money.

Unity 3D for Business?

Yes, Unity 3D is a Game Engine, yet it works perfectly for busness applications. We have already developed several app for clients and have a framework for get up and going fast!

Our Framework

Our framework already contains the modules needed to provide crossp platform responsive UIs, Data Security and Restful API for Client/Server commnication.

Our Skills

Unity 3D 100%
C# 100%
SQL 95%
Graphics 80%
HTML5 & CSS3 75%
Javascript 68%
Php 80%
Cross Platform 100%

Our Team

Team Member

Andrew D.

Founder, CEO, CTO, Sr. App Architech

Over 31 years experience in hardware and software engineering.

Team Menber

Carolyn D.

Chief Financial Officer & Logistics

I handle all accounting and logistics and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Team Menber

Ivan Z.

Unity 3D Developer

UP Work Freelancer

Team Menber

Timothy B.

Web Developer

UP Work Freelancer

Plus a dozen more contracted professionals.

We also have regular professionals we contact on a per project basis using Up Work and Fiverr. This allows use to keep costs low - yet increase productivity very quickly we needed.

Fantastic Facts

  • 23.3 K
    Cups Of Coffee
  • 43 Apps Completed
  • 14
    Games Developed
  • 33 Years
    Programming Experience

Portfolio - uMMORPG AddOn's & Extensions

Available Packages


Extension: Released. This adds a Singleton class, ReadOnly Editor property and SyncVar work-around. All of my code will require this package to work.

Toggle UI

AddOn: Released. Very simple AddOn to show you how you can Toggle the primary UI on and Off. For example, it can be used when you want to use a cut scene.

Enhanced Nameplate

Extension: Released v1.1. This combines Name & Guild into a single class. It supports TextMesh Pro, Rich Text, Colors and greatly improves performance

Energy Portal

AddOn: Released. Provides the Prefab, Shader, Material and Texture needed for a verfy kewl looking animated Portal. Includes Nameplate so you know where the portal leads to.


AddOn: In Development.


AddOn: In Development. Brings Blizzards World of Warcraft GM Commands to uMMORPG. Enhanced Security. Mutliple GM Levels and Smarter parsing of commands.


AddOn: In Development. Designate locations (Lots) for players to buy and then Place structures that can be used by Guild and members.


Extension: In Development. Replace SQLLite with a full blown MySQL integration. You can have a Local or Remote database. Will automatically use Local database for In-house testing (editor) and Remote (headless mode)

Flight System

Extension: In Testing. There is no better system available. This system can work for air craft as well as spacecraft. Built-in camera modes such as Chase, Spectator and Topdown.


AddOn: Planned. Will add the ability to travel with and give commands to a NPC character.

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